About Andrew Whiteman Michigan

Upon his graduation in December 2012, Oberlin Senior and Michigan native Andrew Whiteman plans to enter the field of biology. He hopes to pursue intellectual challenges like those he has already faced during his two internships and his work at one of Oberlin’s research laboratories.

Andrew Whiteman arrived in Oberlin, Ohio, in the fall of 2007 after having earned his diploma from Royal Oak High School. He earned the distinction of co-valedictorian and was actively involved with athletics and other extracurricular commitments. For four years, he was a member of both the Varsity Cross Country Team and the Varsity Track Team.

Whiteman was also involved with the German American Partnership Program, in which participant families host exchange students for one month’s time. The program gives students in both countries the opportunity to learn a foreign language in its native environment as well as to enjoy what different cultures have to offer. A student from Germany stayed with him in his Michigan home during the fall of his sophomore year, and then Whiteman spent part of his summer abroad.

Away from his home in Michigan, Andrew Whiteman has focused his attention on two areas of study: biology and religious studies. While at Oberlin College, he has worked in a number of positions that have helped him acquire valuable laboratory research experience. In the lab, he has investigated the intricacies of genetic sequencing and also the mechanisms that govern muscle movement. He has also been involved in two internships at the Cleveland Metropark Zoo. During his first internship, Andrew Whiteman made observations on the behavior of primates and cheetahs. He was subsequently invited back to partake in a summer internship to research primates.

During a recent return home to Michigan, Andrew Whiteman participated in the promotion of a ballot initiative to improve funding for the Detroit Institute of Arts.


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