Red Kangaroos at the Detroit Zoo

As a volunteer at the Detroit Zoo, Andrew Whiteman of Michigan enjoys leading visitors through the Australian Outback exhibit. Andrew Whiteman has worked in zoos since 2009, when he accepted his first internship at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

At the Detroit Zoo, more than 20 red kangaroos roam the Australian Outback Adventure. These animals delight with their reddish brown fur and the slightly blue hue of the female of the species. Their powerful legs allow them to run at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour and leap 6 feet in the air or 25 feet along the ground; their strong tails and short forearms help them to balance as they move; a pouch on the belly of the female keeps babies safe.

At the Detroit Zoo, many of these animals belong to a single family. The oldest, Sidney II, was born in 1996 and had her first baby in 2001. This baby, known as Alice, has two white toes and a daughter called Stirling. Two-year-old Stirling recently had her own joey, and the family enjoys bouncing around its open habitat together.

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