Biology Study at Oberlin College

A graduate of Oberlin College in Ohio, Andrew Whiteman of Michigan received his undergraduate degree in biology and religion. Michigan’s Andrew Whiteman participated in a number of research efforts while at Oberlin, including a study of the regulatory elements involved in muscle contraction.

At Oberlin College, the biology major learns foundational concepts of science as well as how to apply these concepts in an experimental setting. By graduation, students have developed a working knowledge of the scientific process and professional procedures for communicating results with colleagues. Oberlin places particular emphasis on the interplay between sciences, and to this end, it instills in students a knowledge of how their work impacts the world around them.

Students develop these skills in the context of a focused bachelor’s degree program that includes general and specialized coursework as well as cognate studies in other disciplines. All biology majors complete core courses in organismal biology and in the relationship between genetic evolution and the environment, as well as in molecular and cell biology. Students may then select from two other lecture courses, one of which must include lab work, as well as two upper-level courses that may include such topics as systems ecology, biochemistry, or paleobiology. All students round out their study with additional laboratory work as well as study in chemistry, and they may also study advanced mathematics or computer science.

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