How Bilingual Employees Benefit the Workplace

Michigan resident Andrew Whiteman relocated to Ohio to attend Oberlin College. In 2012, he graduated with a bachelor of arts in biology. Returning home to Michigan, the graduate began volunteering for the Detroit Zoo. Andrew Whiteman is fluent in German and seeks a position in the field of biology.

In 2012, it was estimated that nearly 41 million immigrants lived in the United States, which at the time equated to 13% of the population. In light of this statistic, it is clear that bilingual employees bring strong benefits to the workplace. Serving more than the need to communicate with customers, they have become a key element in establishing long-lasting business relationships in foreign countries. These individuals can serve as interpreters during meetings as well as be a resource for discovering new client pools.

Being fluent in more than one language is helpful in many fields, including education, healthcare, financial services, and sales. In particular, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that social service occupations are showing an increased need for bilingual employees. However, with the growing number of immigrants and opportunities to expand business activities abroad, bilingualism can be shown to be beneficial in all industries.

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