Baby Aardvark Arrives at Detroit Zoo

A biology graduate of Oberlin College in Ohio, Andrew Whiteman of Michigan interned at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo during winter term of 2009 and again by invitation the following summer. Andrew Whiteman now volunteers at the Detroit Zoo in Michigan.

On February 11, 2014, female aardvark calf Kaatie arrived at the Detroit zoo. The daughter of mother Rachaael and father Mchimbaji, she was born in good health, weighing less than four pounds. The zoo officially introduced her to the public in the middle of March, by which time she had grown fourfold in size.

Since her birth, Kaatie has remained healthy and affectionate with her mother, who thus far has avoided accidentally injuring her little ones. Zoo professionals have explained that aardvark mothers tend to be clumsy, a hazardous character trait for their fragile babies. Fortunately, aardvarks in captivity have conscientious babysitters in their human caretakers, and Kaatie remains safe. Once she is on public display, Kaatie will spend the warmer months outdoors in the Zoo’s African Grasslands area.

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