Andrew Whiteman of Michigan – The Biology Program at Oberlin College

Originally from Michigan, Andrew Whiteman earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Oberlin College in Ohio, and is now seeking a position in this field. A John Frederick Oberlin Merit Scholar, Andrew Whiteman assisted a biology professor with research while at school.

Biology students at Oberlin College enroll in a program that applies three tenets of learning. Students learn the fundamental concepts of biology, how to apply critical thinking within the scientific process, and how this subject interacts with other scientific and non-scientific fields. While the institution mandates several courses, enrollees can further concentrate in areas such as paleontology, paleobiology, chemical biology, and biochemistry.

Research accounts for another crucial component of this program. The Oberlin College Science Center welcomes 45 student researchers in biology annually. By participating in the program, individuals can investigate disease ecology systems, genetics, cancer immunology, and a myriad of other subjects. Moreover, the school possesses relationships with off-campus institutions including hospitals, marine and inland field stations, and the National Institutes of Health, so that students can further their experience through internships.

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