Hitting the Bike Trails in Southeast Michigan

A resident of Royal Oak, Michigan, Andrew Whiteman recently graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in biology. In college, Andrew Whiteman rode his bicycle as a way to get around campus, and relax and stay fit. Since returning to Michigan after graduation, he continues to enjoy cycling.

Many Americans have taken up biking as a way to reduce carbon emissions while getting more exercise and saving money. Biking can also be a rewarding way to explore the outdoors. Here are some of the best biking routes in and around southeast Michigan:

1. Corktown Bike Lanes: The new Corktown Bike Lanes link the Corktown and Mexicantown neighborhoods in Detroit through a 16-mile bike path. The paths provide a quick and efficient way to get through the city.

2. Lakeshore Park: Offering the option to hit the beach during the ride, trails through Lakeshore Park offer opportunities for bikers at several levels of difficulty.

3. Polly Ann Trail: Bike through three townships on this 14.2-mile path, which winds through Orion, Oxford, and Addison.

4. Huron Valley Trail: The completely paved Huron Valley Trail connects to a network comprising more than 25 miles of trails of varying levels through several townships.

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