The Detroit Zoo: Gateway to the Australian Outback

Andrew Whiteman attended high school in Royal Oak, Michigan, before attending Oberlin College in Ohio. He majored in biology and earned his B.A. in December 2012. While at Oberlin, he performed research in a biology professor’s laboratory and assisted in learning about topics such as the regulation of muscle contraction. Today, Andrew Whiteman seeks employment in the field of biology and volunteers in the Detroit Zoo’s Australian Outback exhibit.

Of all the creatures and critters that inhabit the Detroit Zoo, the inhabitants of the zoo’s Australian Outback exhibit are some of the most interesting. Visitors can enter the habitat and observe marsupials including 18 red kangaroos, two emus, and four red-necked wallabies. A path winds through the exhibit, allowing visitors to appreciate the natural habitat where the animals, leap, swing, and graze.

In 2011, the Detroit Zoo Australian Outback exhibit welcomed two new members to its community. Six red kangaroo joeys, the proper term for marsupials that inhabit a pouch, are growing rapidly and are old enough to go exploring with the adults in their group.

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