Andrew Whiteman: Reasons to Learn German

Andrew Whiteman spent his college years studying biology and learning to speak German conversationally. He recently graduated from Oberlin College in Ohio and currently lives in Michigan.

While many native English-speaking students opt to study Spanish as a second language, there is a case to be made for learning German. Business students will benefit from speaking the language if they plan to go into international business and will have a better chance of obtaining employment abroad. Learning German also makes living in Germany easier, especially for those interested in joining the hospitality industry or acting as a translator between English and German speakers. Students interested in science and research will be interested to learn that German is the second most common scientific language, and Germany is one of the most important contributors to research, offering opportunities to potential scientists.

Of course, learning a new language helps students understand the history and the culture of the country as well. Additionally, German history features some of the biggest influences on literature, music, and the arts, including Franz Kafka, Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven. Many students plan a trip to Germany to cement their understanding of the language and also to learn more about the culture and history of Germany.

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