Andrew Whiteman, Michigan: Tips on Learning Popular Office Software

Andrew Whiteman of Michigan, who graduated from Oberlin College in Ohio, has developed a working proficiency with office software. As a result, he has become adept in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, as well as IBM SPSS Statistics.

To become well-versed in the use of office software, one must first thoroughly examine each functionality of the system. Many individuals choose to explore the program in a trial-and-error manner, in which they experiment with drop-down menus and tabs available for their use. However, many others take a more thorough approach and pursue official training.

Microsoft Office, for example, offers classes taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers. These individuals must complete a rigorous training and examination process before becoming teachers. They teach on-site and online through the Microsoft Learning Partners program. Upon completion, students may elect to sit for an examination that certifies them in the use of the program studied.

Similarly, IBM offers a variety of courses to users of the SPSS software. These courses cover a variety of specialized topics including statistical analysis and data mining. Students may attend these classes online or in person, or may choose to study independently. Courses are offered worldwide.

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