Andrew Whiteman: Cranbrook Day Camps of Michigan

Andrew Whiteman began working as a counselor at Cranbrook Day Camps while going to Royal Oak High School in Royal Oak, Michigan. He spent three summers in total working at the Camps, including one after he began attending Oberlin College in Ohio.

During the summer, Cranbrook Schools runs several day camps for children on its 319-acre, National Historic Landmark campus. Cranbrook Day Camps feature age-appropriate activities ranging from playing in Cranbrook’s network of fields, woods, lakes, rivers, and gardens to participating in athletics, drama, and crafts.

Incoming campers are split into three age groups. Children ages three to four take part in the coeducational Brookside Tots Day Camp; children ages five to six take part in the Brookside Day Camp for Boys and Girls; and children ages seven to 14 participate in either Cranbrook Day Camp for Boys or Kingswood Day Camp for girls.

Most Cranbrook Day Camps begin at 9:00 or 9:15 a.m. and run in multiple sessions from June to August. For more information on the Camps, visit Cranbrook’s website at

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